Sales attributes per attribute on Prestashop

Are you using Prestashop as a Content Management System?

If you, you might be interested into getting more information on your sales. 

Understanding statistics belong to the hard-skills every manager and entrepreneur need to have. When you launch a product, this is based either on gut-feeling or a market trend analysis. When it comes to outcome analysis, product improvement, only numbers can help you piloting your activity.

In order to improve your sales on Prestashop, you’ll need to spend time analyzing your statistics. You already have in your Prestashop backoffice the number of sales your generated, some information about your customers, the general level of your stocks. Basic statistics are already implemented and can help you getting the basic information you need.

However, when it comes to understand and analyze your sales per attribute, you might be confused.

As a web-entrepreneur, there could be multiple questions you’d ask yourself, such as:

  • How many sales did I generate by clothes size: small, medium, large? And do I need to increase my sizing or it is fine as it is, next time I will pass some orders?
  • Did the new colors I recently introduced recently are performing well?
  • What is the distribution of the shoe size being purchased on my website?
  • Do the hard-drives I sell on my website are being more sold in 16Go or 32Go?

Attribute analysis and understanding what attribute you sell on your e-commerce website is key.

A bad sizing, can cause the multiple consequences: either too much stock which is going to be expensive for you, either too little stock and a missed opportunity associated and virtually lost turnover.

You can now discover on Prestashops’official addon portal this lightweight plugin, very basic but very useful which will help you understanding your statistics breakdowned by product attribute.