Product attribute analysis on Prestashop

If you’re using Prestashop as an online e-commerce website platform, you must think this is quite an awesome tool. Indeed, Prestashop is an awesome Content Management System.

All the information you need to optimize your business online lies in your databases. It just requires some times, knowledge and honestly, a good plugin to access to the data in Prestashop.

One key information is the number of sales, being breakdowned by product attribute. Product attributes are parameters such the size, the color, the material and so on that you set up in your back-office.

When you run an online business, you want to keep an eye on the rotation of your products, quickly identify if a product is being sold enough not to stay to long in your warehouse. Stocks are expensive. A good entrepreneur need to be good in working capital management.

You need to understand to do so what your customers want. 

You could ask yourself when using Prestashop and analyzing your sales some questions such as: « what was the most sold color in the ladies’trouser collection last month? Do my customers in general buy more 36 shoe size or 42? How do I need to plan my next product purchase to meet my customers’ needs?  »

To answer all these questions and get more information on your product attributes on Prestashop, you could be interested into getting this very lightweight addon giving you additional statistics, directly on Prestashop’s official addons/plugin website.